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Nice for fun

I can`t tell you how excited I was when my friend invited me on a big trip to Prague. I`m all the way from Ostrava, so you can imagine my joy when my friend took me to Prague, and I was really excited. I never even knew I`d see Prague again. We`re really far away, and I don`t have much money. So, if I had to buy a ticket back and forth afterwards, it would surely cost me nearly fifteen hundred or more. Because they usually buy a first-class ticket, too, because the other day I had a friend like that, and I had to sit on the ground for almost four hours because everything was busy.

Money and gun.

So even though I have no money, I prefer to pay for comfort and drive less than to sit on the ground somewhere and be all twisted up and then my back hurt. Luckily, my friend is a masseuse, so she gave me a very nice half-hour massage and then we went where my friend invited me. And you know what it was? It was the shooting range in Prague. I had no idea what shooting range in Prague meant or what it was. I didn`t understand it, so my friend and I were still talking about this being a great shooting in Prague. To tell you the truth, I couldn`t believe that I, of all people, should fire a gun with a friend.

The short gun.

And I asked, of course, if I needed a gun license or anything like that. My friend told me that all I needed was an ID card, which was mandatory, so I told a friend that of course I had one when I travelled this far. I have to admit that I was very pleased when a friend showed me what the shooting in Prague is. I was really scared at first because I didn`t think I could shoot a target, that all of a sudden, the gun would turn around and shoot me. Probably an overreaction. And there really are a lot of people who are afraid to shoot, but they`re interested in trying it out. This is exactly my case, which is why I thought it was really probably best if I took my friend`s advice and relied on her and then had a lot of fun and a lot of adrenaline.